The Scent of Legacy


by Drina Steinberg

Have you ever wondered if a dream is not just a dream? If a memory is more than a memory?
Whether everyone is the master of their own fate, or everyone’s destiny is written in the stars?
Have you ever had the feeling that there are no coincidences and that losing one’s mind is just a way of hiding the truth?
Would you dare to explore the secrets the origin of our blood holds?

The Scent of Legacy opens the doors to a whole new world. The world of a man with a secret larger than life and a woman whose madness can help her reveal it. Their inevitable encounter will spark forbidden flames, precipitate the clash of old enemies, and rediscover the long-forgotten idols. 

In the first part of the Arkona Purpure trilogy, the author Drina Steinberg begins her story of the chosen legacy of the Slavic gods and sets out on a search for answers that will make you go on an adventure filled with twists, secrets, passion, and prohibitions. An adventure that will take you to the borders of contemporary world and Slavic mythology. 
This is the story of the ancient origins of our blood.
The story after which nothing will ever be the same....

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